End of Year Accounts – What do we need from you?

With the majority of clients having a financial year end of the 5th April, we recommend clients deliver their financial records to us as soon as possible so that the End of Year Accounts can be prepared and the tax calculated.

So, to help you here is a list of the financial records we require:

  • Expenses – all your receipts for ongoing expenses – we can advise you on what can be claimed through the business – for example if you work from home
  • Suppliers invoices or statements
  • Bank statements
  • Business Credit Card statements
  • A Register of fixed assets e.g. property owned, vehicles and IT Equipment
  • Company liabilities e.g. business loans or lease arrangements
  • Payroll and NI details, including any expense forms for staff and proof of the expenses
  • List of invoices sent out with a note next to any that haven’t been paid highlighting potential bad debt
  • Any other income – e.g. income via paypal or Eventbrite
  • Stocktake
  • List of any ongoing projects and how far through them you are

We can, of course, advise you as to what is required for your business so please give us a call on 01751 475810 . We are happy to collect your paperwork from you.

By completing your Annual Accounts in good time, it means that you can budget for any tax liabilities well in advance of the due payment date.


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