Don’t Panic – We Are Here to Help

We know that life sometimes gets in the way. Here at Jones Partnership we pride ourselves on our troubleshooting and our ability to support small business owners through the difficult times.

In this blog we would like to share with you two case studies showing how we were able to help clients with health issues sort out their tax affairs.

  • In spite of ill health, client X continued to work but failed to make statutory submissions to HMRC for 5 years. We were able to assemble the requisite information and submitted VAT and Personal Tax Returns spanning 5 years. We successfully negotiated with HMRC without the imposition of penalties. This has allowed the clients’ business to continue to thrive while we ensure compliance with HMRC. The annual sales of this company now exceed £800,000
  • We were able to resolve a dispute between the HMRC and Client Y, a veteran. The veteran had successfully traded through periods of mental health, but failed to submit tax returns for three years.

When sorting out your tax returns, don’t panic and don’t bury you head in the sand. We can support you through times of ill health by sorting out your tax affairs whilst you concentrate on improving your health and keeping your business going.

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